Questions & Answers

Please don't hesitate to get in touch if you have a question.


Q. What is the first step to booking a wedding?

A. If you get in touch to see if I am available for your chosen date, I will pencil you in for that date but I will need a brief letter of confirmation along with a £150 deposit (non refundable) before it is officially booked.

Q. What type of pictures do you take?

A. It is quite fashionable to have a reportage style of wedding album. I like to mix traditional shots with contemporary so you will have an all round album mostly made up of colour images mixed with a few black & white. Don't forget the choice is completely yours.

Q. What information do you need?

A. Along with your letter of confirmation I would like as many details as you can give me i.e time of service, reception location, how many bridesmaids etc. It is a good idea to make a list of desired family group photo's. Don't worry too much as I will be in touch a couple of weeks before the wedding just to go over final arrangements.

Q. How long do we wait for our album?

A. Your preview album is usually ready within a month or so after the big day. I will require the final payment before or on the wedding day. An invoice will be send approx one week before. I will also put all your images onto this website with a password for private viewing usually a week after the wedding. This way you can give out the password to whoever you choose and friends & family can view and order as they please. This is very handy for people who don't live locally. Images will stay on the website for about 6 months to a year.


Q. Will there be enough room at my house?

A. I haven't come across a sitting room yet that can't accomodate my equipment. I usually need to push the furniture back. In small sitting rooms I will need an ottoman or table for sitting on.

Q. What do I get for my £20?

A. I will take as many pictures as it takes. Feel free to invite cousins & friends along. If you order within 2 weeks after the sitting you will receive an extra 10% discount. I will put your images onto this website with a password so no one but you (and anyone you give the password to) can view your personal photo's. These will stay on the website for about 2-4 months.

Q. Do you charge extra for digtal enhancements?

A. No. If there is an image you like but would like to see it in a variety of styles or someone removed I will do this free of charge.