Privacy Policy


In order to complete a booking or an online order, I will require your name, address and contact number. I will never share these details with a third party.


When ordering through this website you are making a purchase using Paypal. This means you have signed up with Paypal and have shared your personal data with them. Please visit Paypal to view their privacy policy.
After you have placed an online order I receive an email from Paypal stating what you have bought. This email includes your email address, name and home address in order for me to process the order. This email is deleted as soon as the order is complete.
You will also receive a hand written receipt along with your order. For book keeping reasons a copy of this is kept for 7 years as requested from HMRC.


If you have purchased a digital file, this will be sent to you via a website called This is a free secure service and a very simple, straight forward way to transfer files. Please visit to view their privacy policy.
By purchasing a digital file I am giving you permission to use that image so you can share and print. You are responsible for sharing this data.